Where to go in a world gone mad?


Where to go in a world gone mad?

I have been traveling in Cambodia in the last few months and have found it to be affordable and safe and a pleasant place to stay if you don't like living in the States any more.

I ended up in Siem Reap Cambodia and found it walkable, safe and clean and very nice people. I have found an abundant selection of cheap apartments starting at 60 to 250 USD a month, and you only need one month deposit and the first months rent and maybe a lease.

My utilities are about 60 bucks a month and the internet that's included in the rent is pretty reliable and fast.

If you need a job for income there's an abundant amount of jobs teaching English without a degree and a few jobs being a bar tender if you enjoy that. If you work online the internet here is pretty fast and about 20 bucks a month or less.

Eating out doesn't cost much maybe 3.50 and up for western food and 2.00 to 3.00 bucks or less for local food. Everyone's cost of living will be less but I can live here on 800 dollars a month or less.

My rents 250.00 and I spend a few hundred on food sometimes more if I eat out, but if you buy western food or buy western imported beer and food then it will cost you more. I spend 1 dollar to 2 bucks for coffee depending where I go. 

I spend 20 bucks a month to rent a bicycle a moto will be 60 to 90 a month.

I live close to Thailand and its a days trip to get to Bangkok, or a one hour plane trip, a plane ticket is about 60 bucks sometimes less. I can fly right out of Siem Reap into Thailand and then transfer to Manila or Japan or wherever I want to visit.

If your looking for an affordable destination to maybe escape the rat race Cambodia might be for you, I forgot to mention a one year visa was under 600 for the full year and takes about a week to get. I also forgot to mention once you get the visa you can easily open a bank account and use the local hospitals for a little lower fees than if your just a tourist.