How to open a bank account in Cambodia

How to open a bank account at ABA Bank in Cambodia

You will need three things to open a bank account in Cambodia. This imformation is as of May 2023.

First you will need a long term visa, not a tourist visa, although under some cercumstances ABA Bank will open an account with a tourist visa.

So as you enter the country make sure you get a business visa. When you get that exstend this visa for six months to one year. They will stamp a one year visa in your passport which you will show the bank. 

The next thing you will need is a local phone number, a sim card will do the trick, they cost one dollar and up.

The third thing they will ask for is a lease agreement fow when you rent an apartment. Its posible to rent with one month but I usually get a three month agreement.

It will take about an hour or less for the bank to process your account.

After that I suggest using their APP for banking because it will make it much easier to pay people without using cash and it will ease transfering money from your bank account back home.


Well its nice to have a local account thats outside of your home government they cant easily sieze. Its also cheaper to use apps to send money from your home country than useing bank wires or ATM cards.

Its also nice having money outside your ceeditors reach if you ever have the need for that.

Here in Cambodia banking is done in US Dollars which makes banking in a hard currency nice.

To close off, banking at ABA Bank is one of the easier banks to set up an account and get a debit card and a US Dollar account.