How much is the clinic in Siem Ream Cambodia?

I just got back from the clinic, its on Charles De Gualle St. Mondul 1village, Svay Dankum Commune, Siem Reap City, Cambodia 

I woke up and didnt feel well, so wanted a check up on my blood pressure and sense its been a little high wanted to get it checked out.

Some of the clinics here over charge or their English isnt very good but this clinic is very modern the Doctor who treated me had excellent English and she and her team treated me well and respectful and didnt leave me feeling taken advantage of. 

Sometimes when your in a foreign country its hard to know who to trust to get good medical care but in this clinic, i got a blood test for 8,75, and the doctors fee was 20,and the medicine was 2 bucks and a service fee of 5 bucks for a total of 35,75.

The whole expierence too maybe an hour, i went in described my problem and was given a blood test and they took my blood pressure and then i lied down in a bed and waited for the result. 

The doctor was kind and nice and gave me the results of the blood test and sent me on my way.