Why you need gold


Gold has traded up to and exceeded 2000 an ounce.

I believe why you will need gold is not because it will continue rising to 2400 an ounce and higher but because its one of the few assets thats not a liability of the banks or the government.

As we curreen down the path of bankrupcy and currency debasement it will be important to have assets that are not only private but beyond the scope of governments to sieze and inflate away to pay for promises that can never be repaid.

As the debts pile up more governments will need to debase currencies and or tax other assets to buy them time before they default on there promises to pay promised benefits.

Gold held in your own posesion or offshore will help carry yoyrself to the otherside but that assumes there is no collapse in society which isnt garrenteed.

Every passing day people demand government fix things by stealing from one group of people to give to another. This is happening all over the world and there are few places to escape to except maybe the Pasific Islas or South America.

Gold may help you rebuild or readjust if you decide to escape the Western World and start over somewhere else.

I think its best to buy now and beat the last minute rush, it maybe to late if you wait and prices maybe much higher.

Now that Western Countries are on the lookout for one ounce coins I suggest 1/4 ounce coins like British Sovereigns or coins like Swiss Helvitias.