What's Cambodia like in 2023?

What's Cambodia like in 2023?

What's it like living in Cambodia? In the last few months I have lived in Cambodia, Siem Reap to be exact and really enjoy the cost of living the ease of getting a long term visa and the selection of affordable apartments.

When I first arrived in Siem Reap Cambodia, I got a long term visa called the business visa not the tourist visa, I ended up getting the 1 year visa for around 500 USD and now can live here at least one year before it needs to be renewed.

I ended up getting an apartment for 250 USD per month. There are many apartments starting at 60 dollars USD and up all the way to several thousand dollars a month. I like that at least as of now May 30, 2023 there still is a lot of selection for apartments in the 150 to 250 and all you need is one months rent and a deposit.

Its pretty easy to find an apartment get a three month ;ease or less or longer if you want, I just do three months and then look for new places to get an idea of which neighborhood I like. When I first arrived in Siem Reap I got an apartment and a pretty big one sort of in the country side but the internet wasn't to good, and the internet providers told where I lived there wasn't really any other choices so I moved into town and got something better with better internet connections.

I need a pretty good connection to work online so just had to suck it up and move. 

If you need to work teaching English at one of the local schools its not to hard even if you don't have a college degree, so for some people it might be an advantage if you want to leave the States and start over in another country. Now with all the online jobs you don't really need a local job but if for whatever reason you desire local employment its here. Usually wages are a bit low compared to what they were before Covid, now they are around 800 to 900 for 20 hours of work.

I can live on less than a 1000 a month but everyone's different so can say what different people might need. I don't hang out in bars so don't really spend a lot so if you are looking for a low cost place to live and an easy visa Cambodia might be for you. Most of the western restaurants start at 5 bucks and up for food and the local places can be under two bucks and up for a dish of food, beer at the local stores .50 cents and up.

Another nice thing is there are are a lot of expats here so you have a lot of potential opportunities to network with foreigners if you want.

The culture is pretty mellow much like Thailand or the Philippines, and people for the most part can communicate in English so you will not have a hard time adjusting to living here like maybe Latin America. I find the cost of living a little higher than say Mexico or Guatemala.

The weather is pretty hot compared to the Altiplano of Mexico or Guatemala and it takes some getting used too, its even hotter than the Philippines but the split level air con they have has helped me take the heat.

If you live in Siam Reap your about 6 hours from Bangkok so its easy to fly out of Bangkok to go anywhere in Asia pretty cheap but they do have an airport here if you don't like taking the bus.

So all in all if you want to get out of the States for awhile Cambodia can be a nice and affordable place to live make some money and save to get ahead while you live a less stress fee life.