Why I like Paraguay when SHTF.

Why I like Paraguay when SHTF.

One of the biggest reasons I like Paraguay as a bugout location is its an agricultural country or at least some of it is. Of course there are big cities and bright lights, bars and night clubs ect but you can still live a quiet life out in the country and land is still cheap although with all the foreigners flooding into the country that's changing. 

Another thing its the fourth safest country in South America according to the crime statistics. Although I wouldn't put a lot of stock in crime statistics it does seem safer than Colombia right now with all their sopamine deaths of foreigners and shootings and assaults of foreigners but that could be because foreigner's behavior and other things seem to set them out to be targeted. 

You can still buy small farms in Paraguay for under 20K USD not including any built structures or anything like that just raw land and its pretty good agricultural if you want to have a garden. In the Chaco of course its not good for growing only cattle.

Its easy to get residency if you have no criminal record, you only need the fees a lawyer will charge or fixer, or do it yourself and 5K usd bank deposit you get back after a month or two and you are welcome to spend the money or take it out of the bank.

It goes without saying in Paraguay the cost of living is low compared to the United States and Europe and the first world in general.

Its not as cheap as Guatemala where I live now but not bad for what you get, and now with a strong dollar things are cheap. The Paraguay Gurani is at 7K to one USD and in the past it was 4200 or so. So things are affordable now. 

With a local ID you can travel to the surrounding countries without a passport. A few countries in that agreement would include, Brazil, Uruguay ect and more.

The other thing I like is banking their. You can bank in total privacy if you so desire, if its a S.A account much like Guatemala. USD dollar accounts are easy to set up in your name as are local currency accounts with much higher interest rates. Also tax is very low.

Because there isn't much of a welfare state their, taxes are low. Taxes on foreign based income is 0% on local income it starts at 5%or 8% up to 12% I think. Because most expats get their income offshore or outside the country its 0% for us.

One of the benefits of living in Paraguay is the highest rates of immigrants here. It has more foreign immigrants in the country than locals, or so I read. Because of that there are many Germans Mennonites Asians and Europeans in general. North Americans are in smaller numbers but they are catching on to the place and setting up residencies their and business. 

There is still corruption and crime here but it seems lower than Guatemala. It feels more like "Europe" than Central America, although there are quite a few Germans here and other immigrants in Guatemala.

I like Paraguay and Guatemala because of its German cultural history it might turn others off but both are nice places to live work and play and have all the modern connivences and both are pretty agricultural depending on your needs.

All in all I believe more Europeans will bug out here as the SHTF and things become more ugly in Europe and as things become more unpleasant in North America.