Cool things you can buy in the Mennonites bakery in Xela, Guatemala

 Cool things you can buy in the Mennonites bakery in Xela, Guatemala

I just came back from the Mennonites bakery in Xela, Guatemala, and picked up some kombucha and my other favorite products like cookies and other breads.

They generally speaking have fresh eggs and vegetable's like broccoli, kale and a few other ones. I really like the kale and broccoli, and usually get it when I can. 

They also have cheese when its being made and fresh homemade yogurt and all the berry yogurt's too. If you like Mennonite yogurt and the homemade kind Id check it out when your in Xela, Guatemala. They have homemade granola which I get too. Most of the things there are fairly affordable like all the doughnuts ect and homemade breads, donut holes, cinnamon roles and all the comfort foods of the United States you may miss.

The kombucha was only 12Qs which is about 1.6 for the big bottles, and so I will try it out latter tonight.

The Mennonites I think have been in Xela, Guatemala for 12 years or so. They have farms outside of town and two bakeries in Xela, the one is in zone 3 close to the new mall. Its open Tuesday and Friday, the other location is 5 days a week I think, I have never been their so am not sure its location.

As far as I understand the Mennonites are from the States and have been flooding in from the States for the last few years buying up land and starting new business in Xela, Guatemala. They seem to be escaping from to much regulation and tax and seem to enjoy the freedom and liberties of doing business down here in Guatemala which attracts more Mennonite immigrants.

I really like how they have come down here and filled the market demand for their products and services which are many. If you stop in town talk to them they can point you in the right direction as far as where to get the best agricultural land and things like that. They speam Spanish, English and that Germanic language too.